The SwipeChain facilitates the following transactions, which are made on external networks and replayed into the SwipeChain via witness transactions:

  • STAKE: Anyone can stake assets in pools. If the asset hasn't been seen before, a new pool is created.

  • WITHDRAW: Anyone who is staking can withdraw their claim on the pool.

  • SWAP: Anyone can send in assets and swap to another, including sending to a destination address, and including optional price protection.

  • BOND: Anyone can bond assets and attempt to become a Node. Bonds must be greater than the minimumBondAmount, else they will be refunded.

  • LEAVE: Nodes can voluntarily leave the system and their bond and rewards will be paid out. Leaving takes 6 hours.

  • RESERVE: Anyone can add assets to the Protocol Reserve, which pays out to Nodes and Stakers. 220,447,472 SXP will be funded in this way.

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