Swipe Governance is a protocol that enables the Swipe community to make changes to the Swipe Network directly on-chain with SXP as the governance token.


The Swipe Governance protocol is operated by a series of smart contracts that are publicly available which control certain improvements and changes to the Swipe Network. All of the Swipe Governance proposals and voting weight will be determined by how much the user's address has staked in SXP on the Swipe staking contract.

Please note: SXP that is not staked on the on-chain Swipe Staking contract will not be eligible for Swipe Governance. Only SXP that is staked on-chain will count towards Swipe Governance.

The core functions of Swipe Governance will include Proposals , Voting Periods , End Proposals, Execution Time, and Vote . These functions will enable users to deploy Swipe Improvement Proposals (SIP) which users can vote on during certain time periods.

Current Governance Requirements


SXP Amount



*Users may delegate their staked SXP to others for voting power in proposals or general voting in a future upgrade.

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