Stake SXP

Learn how to stake your SXP to bond and collateralize it with the Swipe Network with your Metamask non-custodial wallet.

Once you have successfully connected your Metamask non-custodial wallet to the Swipe DeFi Application you will now see the main staking page as shown below where you can Supply your SXP to the protocol.

For first time users will first be required to enable Metamask and their Ethereum account to interact with the Swipe Staking Smart Contract. You start but authorizing your Metamask account to interact with the smart contract by pressing the Supply button which will prompt a pop-up displaying your available balance and asking to authorize the smart contract with your account. You will start the process by pressing the Approve button as shown below:

This will now prompt a pop-up from your Metamask to approve the spending of this contract as shown below:

Please Note: You will need ETH in this wallet for gas. Without ETH the button will be gray.

Please note: Even though you authorize this application with the message above, you will still be required to sign each message (interaction). Without your signature, their can be no additional interactions.

Once this transaction confirms on-chain, you are now able to proceed with staking by pressing the Supply button one more time. This will prompt a pop-up for you to input the amount you want to stake on chain.

Once you have entered the amount the Supply button will now turn orange and will enable you to press it to continue. This will prompt a pop-up on your Metamask wallet to confirm(sign) this transaction and broadcast it to the network as shown below:

Once this transaction confirms on-chain, your SXP balance on the staking side will be updated and you will begin earning your portion of the staking rewards.

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