Add Swipe Token

See how to add SXP to MetaMask by following the steps instructed below.

Users can utilize the Swipe Network Decentralized Finance App (DeFi DApp) through a Chrome browser and a Metamask chrome extension by following the steps below.

First - Add the SXP Token Contract

  1. Navigate and click the fox icon to your MetaMask chrome extension

2. Then when your MetaMask is open click the Assets tab, then the Add Token button

3. You will now select Custom Token and enter the Swipe Token details in the boxes below:

Token Contract: 0x8ce9137d39326ad0cd6491fb5cc0cba0e089b6a9 Token Symbol: SXP Decimal Positions: 18

4. Once you are done, press the Next button to complete the process to add SXP to MetaMask.

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