Build on Source Code

Download SwipeNode source code from Github
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade
sudo apt install -y curl vim git build-essential jq
tar -xvf go1.15.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz
mv go /usr/local
rm go1.15.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz # cleanup
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export GOPATH=~/go
export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin
git clone
cd swipechain-node
make install tools
Ensure you have a recent version of go (ie 1.15) and enabled go modules And have GOBIN in your PATH
export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin

Automated Install Locally

Install via this make command.
make install
Once you've installed swipecli and swiped, check that they are there {GOBIN} folder swipecli and swiped generated.
swipecli help
swiped help

Start Standalone Full Stack

For development and running a full chain locally (your own separate network), use the following make command.
make -C build/docker reset-mocknet-standalone

Format code

make format

Build all

make all


Run tests
make test
# test with NATIVE SXP
NATIVE=true make test
To run test live when you change a file, use...
go get -u
make test-watch