Deposit SXP

See the instructions below to learn how to deposit SXP to your Ledger hardware wallet via Metamask

Users will be able to deposit SXP from other wallets and/or exchanges to their Ledger Wallet connected to t by following the steps below:

  1. Get your SXP deposit address (which is the same address as your Ledger Live based Metamask ETH Address) by clicking the address as shown below:

Please note: You must have Ether in your Wallet to properly utilize SXP tokens

2. Now that the SXP deposit address is copied, we will give you an example of how to withdraw SXP from You will now login to with your credentials and navigate to the Spot Wallet as shown below:

3. Once you are in the Binance Spot Wallet, you will press Withdraw on the SXP asset line as shown below:

4. You will now see the withdraw page where you will paste the address you previously copied from step 1, select ERC20 Transfer Network, and enter the Amount you want to withdraw to Meta Mask as shown below:

5. Once you have entered the relevant details as identified in Step 4, you will press the Submit button to complete your withdrawal (which may follow up with 2FA security prompts if enabled):

6. You will see a Success message as shown below if you have completed your SXP Withdrawal properly:

7. Once the withdrawn SXP arrives to your Metamask wallet, you will now see your SXP balance reflected with this change as shown below:

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