There is strictly minimal goverance possible through SwipeNode software. Each SwipeNode can only generate valid blocks that is fully-compliant with the binary run by the super-majority.

The best way to apply changes to the system is to submit a SwipeChain Improvement Proposal (TIP) for testing, validation and discussion among the SwipeChain developer community. If the change is beneficial to the network, it can be merged into the binary. New nodes may opt to run this updated binary, signalling via a semver versioning scheme. Once the super-majority are on the same binary, the system will update automatically. Schema and logic changes can be applied via this approach.

Changes to the Bifröst may not need coordination, as long as the changes don't impact SwipeChain schema or logic, such as adding new chains.

Emergency changes to the protocol may be difficult to coordinate, since there is no ability to communicate with any of the nodes. The best way to handle an emergency is to invoke Ragnarök, simply by leaving the system. When the system falls below 4 nodes all funds are paid out and the system can be shut-down.

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