Connect Ledger

Connect your Ledger hardware wallet with Metamask

Users can utilize the Swipe Network Decentralized Finance App (DeFi DApp) through a Chrome browser and a Metamask chrome extension and their Ledger hardware wallet by following the steps below.

First - Connect your Ledger hardware wallet to your computer

  1. Plug your Ledger hardware wallet to your your computer via the USB cable which you normally use to connect your Ledger to your Ledger Live application to access your accounts.

Second - Add the Ledger hardware wallet to Metamask

  1. Navigate and click the fox icon to your MetaMask chrome extension:

2. Then when your MetaMask is open press the top corner icon as shown below:

3. Then you will press Connect Hardware Wallet as shown below:

4. There will be a new tab that opens up from Metamask which will then instruct you to follow the directions on the screen. Select Ledger then click Connect.

5. Next you will select Ledger Live as the the "Select HD Path" followed by selecting your Ethereum wallet account that you want to use for SXP staking. Once you select the ETH Wallet that has your SXP on it, press Unlock

6. After you press Unlock your Ledger hardware wallet is now connected to Metamask and you are ready to continue your staking process.

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