Developers community instructions for SwipeChain Development

Read Only Applications

Dashboards, explorers etc

  1. Connect to Midgard to get rich data about the system, included time-series graphs and aggregated values like TotalVolume etc.

  2. Connect to SwipeNode (or proxied via Midgard) to drill into the state-machine and access the current state (or historical just by adding a ?height=1234 to specify a certain height.

  3. Connect to RPC to get information about the Ledger, which is not specific to SwipeChain, such as /genesis or account/transaction information

Write Applications

Wallets, interfaces etc.

These applications require first-principle thinking and excellent understanding of how the system works.

  1. Connect to a trusted SwipeNode or connect to several public SwipeNodes and ensure they all agree

  2. Get the /inbound_addresses

  3. Compose the transaction with the correct memo and correct gas price.

  4. Send the vault the transaction and wait for execution


First, you need to connect to SwipeChain. You can use the official clients which have SSL, or run your own node, host it on SSL.

If you don't need SSL, you can connect to any of the non-SSL public nodes (ie, just their IP address). Web applications need SSL, but mobile and desktop apps don't.

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