Connecting to SwipeNode

The active node IP addresses can be queried from this endpoint:
Seed1 -
Seed2 -
The Network Information comes from three sources:
  1. 1.
    MIDGARD: Consumer information relating to swaps, pools, volume. DeFi dashboards, Wallets, Exchanges will primarily interact with Midgard.
  2. 2.
    SwipeNODE: Raw blockchain data relating to the SwipeChain state machine. SwipeChain block explorers will query SwipeChain-specific information here.
  3. 3.
    TENDERMINT: Tendermint standard data, used by all block explorers to query for base information.
Midgard returns time-series information regarding the SwipeChain network, such as volume, pool information, users, liquidity providers and more.
Any Node
Port: 8080
RPC Guide: http://<host>:8080/v2/doc
SwipeNode returns application-specific information regarding the SwipeChain state machine, such as balances, transactions and more.
Any Node
Port: 1317
RPC allows base blockchain information to be returned.
Any Node
TESTNET Port: 26657
MAINNET Port: Coming Soon
MAINNET: Coming Soon


P2P is the network layer between nodes, useful for network debugging.
TESTNET Port: 26656
MAINNET Port: Coming Soon